Small Group Modules

What is a Small Group Module?

A small group module is an independent, self-contained, skill-building, mini-training to be done in the context of a small group or a discipleship group. These modules, when joined to other such modules, over time, can help form a greater understanding of the larger picture of discipleship and give deeper insight, practice and experience in the targetted areas.

These Mini-Trainings are Designed for the Purpose of Providing...

  • Biblical teaching & theological underpinnings
  • Training in a skill
  • Focused and repeated practice in a skill, in a safe environment
  • Feedback from peers and leaders, to further the understanding and growth
  • Habits of personal reflection for your own growth in following the lead of the Holy Spirit

Prayer Modules

Evangelism & Outreach Modules

Ministry Modules

  • MODULE: Establishing Healthy Daily Devotions
  • MODULE: Memorizing Scripture for Personal Growth and to Apply in Ministry and Outreach - as a group you can use a verses within a theme to see what the Bible says related to that theme
  • MODULE: Discovery Bible Study (DBS) for personal, spiritual growth - do DBS with a chosen passage by yourself
  • MODULE: Leading and Facilitating a Discovery Bible Study (DBS) in a Small Group or Discipleship Unit

Hearing God Modules