Satan's Favorite Tactics Against Human Beings

by James Goll

Satan is not particularly creative. He exercises his malice in certain predictable (and, therefore, resistible) ways... Here is a quick list (the 4 D's) of his favorite tactics against human beings...

1. Delay

To weaken you and wear you out. To make you lose your way (see Daniel 10:2-14).

2. Deceit

To derail God's purposes by making spiritual principles into legalism. To move you from the stability of truth to the instability of error (see Revelation 12:9).

3. Distraction

To break your focus. To make you concentrate on a side issue. A time of great intimacy with God can turn into a time of great battle (see Proverbs 4:27).

4. Disappointment

To magnify the weaknesses of others; to offend you and to embitter you (see Psalm 55:2).

Delay, deceit, distraction and disappointment—each one of these tactics is slow-acting. You may not recognize them at first. Sometimes it seems that satan is more patient than you are as he encroaches on your peace, inch by inch. He cannot derail you instantly, although it may seem abrupt when it happens.