Next Steps in Discipleship

for new converts

When you lead someone to the Lord, or just happen to meet a new convert, you may be given the opportunity to provide next steps for them to continue growing in their faith. These next steps are really just initial steps that give a general guide. The person will need help, support, and motivation, to go deeper. The best next step, if possible, is if you get to walk them through these, and more, in a discipleship relationship where you meet weekly with that person. When you disciple someone, you get to provide feedback based on your own experience (and the experience of others you know), guidance, modeling, a listening ear, and grace. This is why discipleship is so powerful. That being said, learning what simple next steps to share is helpful to any new convert, whether you get to disciple them or not. Below is a simple example of a mnemonic you could use to give a memorable guide for their next steps.