3 Circles

A Gospel Presentation

What is the 3 Circles?

The Three Circles is an effective and simple way of presenting the Gospel, the Good News of Jesus Christ, with people who do not know Christ and what He has done for us.

The 3 Circles is more than a simple gospel presentation, it:

  • guides a spiritual conversation to include the gospel
  • tells God’s story (God's story could also be told within your own story - your testimony)
  • invites a response
  • provides the person you shared it with, a diagram of your Gospel presentation (a reference for future review and reflection)
  • trains new believers how to do the same with others

"3 Circles" Presentation Steps

BEFORE 3 Circles Presentation

  • SAY: I would love to share a picture that changed my life...

AFTER 3 Circles Presentation

  • SAY: Every single person in this world is either in Brokenness or is pursuing God's Design.
  • ASK: In which place do you find yourself, right now? In Brokenness or in pursuit of God's Design?
  • ASK (If in Brokenness): What's keeping you from putting your full trust in Jesus and what He has done for you?

"3 Circles" Links

"3 Circles" Videos

Looking at these different videos presenting the 3 Circles will help you hear different wording and explanation for the same presentation. This allows you to refine your own way of presenting by...

  1. Choosing wording to make it most clear, understandable, memorable, and effective.
  2. Allowing you to fully grasp the extent of what God has done for us through Christ Jesus, on the cross, and beyond, despite our disobedience and rebellion against His ways.

NOTE: Though there may be a few differences in the terms of some the parts of the Three Circles in these videos, I do recommend the terms used in the diagram above. In particular, the term "Restoration & Transformation" captures that this movement back to God's Design is a process and not a one-time thing or an immediate thing. It takes time and it takes work. It happens as we surrender every area of our life to Jesus, and allow His Holy Scripture, and Holy Spirit, to guide us.

Tres Círculos Videos (en Español)

Los Tres Círculos es un forma efectiva y simple de presentar el Evangelio, las Buenas Nuevas de Jesucristo, con personas que no lo han oido.