Great Questions for Analyzing Testimonies

as a small group or individually, to grow in outreach

Real-Life Testimonies - use these video testimonies to analyze and learn from

General Questions About The Conversion Testimony You Are Analyzing

  1. What were the personal challenges, crises, struggles, weaknesses, and/or battles this person faced, prior to coming to know Jesus?
  2. What barriers or objections did this person have to Christianity or to trusting in Jesus, prior to conversion?
  3. Was there any family resistance to this person coming to Christ?
  4. How did people throughout this person's life help him/her draw closer to God? What did a Christian do to help this person step into faith in Jesus?
  5. Was there any supernatural healing, miracle, sense of God's presence, or vision(s)/dream(s) that helped this person open up to Jesus?
  6. How was the Gospel shared, presented, and/or finally understood? What was effective about this approach, in this specific context?
  7. Was discipleship offered initially after conversion? (If not) What helped this person eventually grow?
  8. How did this person's life change after meeting Jesus?
  9. What insight, from this person's testimony, could help you become a more effective Messenger of the Gospel?

Analyzing A Conversion Testimony Through The Lense of The 3 Circles Gospel Presentation

  1. SIN - What are the sins that led this person into brokenness? How did the sins of others negatively affect this person?
  2. BROKENNESS - What is the brokenness that this person finds him/herself in? What are the attempts to break out of brokenness, without God's help?
  3. REPENT & BELIEVE - What brought this person to the place where they were able to repent and believe in what Jesus has done for him/her on the cross?
  4. JESUS - How has Jesus become Lord of this person's life?
  5. RESTORATION & TRANSFORMATION - How has God been transforming this person's life, and bringing restoration to a broken past?

Analyzing This Person's Testimony Through the Lense of the 15-Second Testimony

  1. Give two key words that describe this person's life prior to accepting Jesus.
  2. Give a few words or phrases to describe how this person came to make Jesus Lord and Savior of his/her life.
  3. Give two key words that describe the changes that came to this person's life after accepting Jesus.
  4. Take answers given for #1, #2, #3, and put them together with the given structure to create a 15-Second Testimony.
  5. Share your version of this person's testimony, and compare what others in the group created from the same testimony video.