411 Training

PRESENTATIONS: 411 Training v1 & 411 Training v2 (in Spanish: 411 Español) - 411 Training is a simple tool that equips new and seasoned believers by answering 4 questions on 1 sheet of paper in 1 hour or less. This training will help new and older Christians know: Why we share? Who do we share it with? What is the message that we share? & When do we share it?


1) Intro

411 TRAINING > Why?

2) Identity

411 TRAINING > Who?

3) Oikos Map

Optional Addition To WHO? > Person of Peace/House of Peace - An optional addition to this page (you must leave some room for this on the WHO? page), is to say something about the Person of Peace/House of Peace (linked videos). Basically, these are the people who receive the 3M's: 1) The Messenger, 2) The Message, and 3) The Mission. Reaching and identifying these God-prepared persons is one key strategy to how to reach more people for Christ.

411 TRAINING > What?

4) 15-Second Testimony & 3 Circles & Transition to Baptism

411 TRAINING > When?

5) Set Goals

Video Modeling the 411 Training

This video shows what 411 Training would look like from beginning to end, in 17+ minutes. Do keep in mind that you, as the trainer would stop in between each part to make sure everyone gets practice time.