RWSSP (Recipe)

Revelation by Meditation

a Scripture meditation activity

Meditating on God's Word

Read it > Write It > Say It > Sing It > Pray It

1. Read It

Read the one verse several times, while you contemplate it in your heart.

Look for key phrases or words. Focus on what you read and what it may mean in its context. Think of other ways to say the words. Notice which words may be emphasized and how that affects the meaning of the verse.

2. Write it

Write down, a few times over, both the initial verse and the Spirit-highlighted word or phrase God brought to mind. Then continue to write down anything else God reveals through these.

In a journal, write the verse(s) you chose to meditate on, exactly as it is written. Keep it simple, don’t choose too many verses - 1-2 verses works best. Now close your Bible and set it aside - once you have the verse(s) written down, you don’t want other verses pulling away your attention. From there ask God to highlight a specific phrase from that verse(s) to spend ample time in meditation. Write that phrase down. This is where you begin asking God for revelation. He might drop a phrase in your spirit, related to the verse phrase - something the Holy Spirit is revealing for this specific time. Write down that small phrase over and over again. Know that writing opens up something that reading doesn't always open in our understanding. Note: In your journal you will also be writing down other insights, thoughts, and revelations that you get as you move on to the next steps (#3, #4, & #5). Remember to write down everything you hear without judging it. This gets you out of your head and into your heart and spirit. You can say to yourself, “I will review and judge what I got later to see if it is from God (if it’s scriptural), but at this time I am making space for the flow of the Spirit.”

3. Say It

Say the verse/phrase out loud. Listen for what else leaps out at you from this process.

Say the verse/phrase out loud. Say it loud enough that your ears can hear it. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God. Most things that you believe are things that you have heard over and over again. As you repeat the verse/phrase certain words will leap out at you. Repeat these words over and over again, out loud. You can continue to add any new revelation, to the written material you already have.

4. Sing It

Sing out not just the word or phrase but the spontaneous, related thoughts that flow from it.

Singing is a means to unlocking the heart. Take your isolated verse/phrase and sing it over and over again. During this time you will get more insights and new thoughts. This is where most revelation will come. Use the melody of the music you are listening to, unless you can play an instrument along with your singing (See video RECIPE playlist below, that you can use for which to sing-along). Write out, in your journal, what you sense and perceive during your singing of it. When we sing, our voices function in a way, distinct from any other musical instrument. No other musical instrument carries a flow of thoughts and a melody at the same time. This combination of thought and music is both a high calling and a privilege. To declare a Bible verse in song impacts our spirit, soul, and body in a dynamic way. And God has ordained that our singing to Him would be allowed to move His heart as well.

When singing with other others, taking turns, a singer can use the following for spontaneous singing:

  • Rephrase - rephrase what the Scripture passage or verse says

  • Repeat - repeat what a previous singer sang

  • Reference - Holy Spirit and your brain may connect the Biblical passage used in your spontaneous singing , to another Bible verse. You can use this as part of your turn in singing

5. Pray It

Pray out of the revelations you receive from this process.

Prayer is a divine means of communication with God. When you repeat a verse/phrase, you’re speaking it to God, which is prayer. Pray the revelations you also received. While you are praying, ask the Lord to help you believe this verse/phrase. If the verse/phrase is inviting faith to walk it out, then ask God to help you live the verse/phrase.

Here's the Youtube Video RWSSP (Recipe) Playlist

This RWSSP Playlist on Youtube is excellent for singing your Biblical meditations. These tracks provide a repeated, predictable chord progression that gives support and freedom to sing spontaneously through Scripture and . There a set of different songs to choose from.