Pray-Read The Word

a devotional prayer

What Does it Mean to Pray-Read the Word?

To "Pray-Read" God's Word is a commitment to not just read the Bible for information but to meditate on it's promises and exhortations (or commands) in prayer - that is, in a two-way conversation with God where you are asking for insight and you are writing down what you hear. This is where we get to use the Bible as the conversational material in our prayer life. To do so, is to move from a purely "study mode" to a "dialogue mode" and begin to talk to Jesus, the Word made flesh, through His written Word.

How do You Pray-Read the Word?

As we read the Bible, we will look for two broad categories of Scripture and in order to do the following:

if it's a...

PROMISE TO BELIEVE - A passage that declare truths about God and what He has done

  • Thank God for that particular truth (promise)
    • Example: "And my God will supply all my needs..."
  • Ask God to show you more about that particular truth - to give you deeper understanding.
    • Example: "Lord, help me to sense and trust that You can and will supply all my needs. Show me how faithful you have been in my past. Show me ways I can align my thoughts and actions with this reality."

if it's an...

2) EXHORTATION TO OBEY (sometimes called "Commands to Obey")

  • Commit yourself to obey that particular truth
    • Example: I commit to rejoice always,pray continually, and give thanks in all circumstances even when I don't feel like it or the situation is not worthy of it.
  • Ask God to help/empower you to obey that truth - to give you wisdom, motivation, and power to obey in specific areas and overcome any obstacles in the way.
    • Example: "Help me to rejoice in all circumstances. Give me the eyes to see each situation as you see it and not as the world sees it. Help me to pray constantly, trusting in you as opposed to my own efforts, as the solution to my problems. Help me to give thanks for everything, in the knowledge that you have everything under your control and that I can trust that you will work out all things for my good, in the end."

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