Christian Worldview

Worldview Quotes

If we are going to live our faith and share it effectively in our current environment, we must understand worldview.. Worldview is defined as the assumptions people make about the nature of reality...

Every single person holds a set of beliefs about the way the universe exists that is so foundational that every other belief that they hold is influenced by it. These beliefs are so basic that most people are not even aware that they hold them. They just assume that the belief they hold about reality (their worldview) is true.

Worldview gets at people’s foundational beliefs. Knowing the specifics of other people’s beliefs makes it possible for us to be more effective in understanding and interacting with those who hold a faith different than our own...

An understanding of worldview will provide Christians with knowledge which helps spiritual growth in two different ways. First, it can give us confidence that our Christian faith is the actual truth about reality. This confidence helps us stand strong in the face of any difficulties and opposition we may face. Secondly, it gives us the knowledge we need in order to share a credible witness with non-Christians, no matter their belief background. In our modern day, spiritual maturity can be greatly enhanced by a solid knowledge of worldview.

Excerpt From: Davis, Freddy. “Spiritual Maturity Handbook.”