5 Signs of a Mature Prophetic Ministry

by Jeremiah Johnson

A lifestyle of accountability and healthy mentoring/fathering is required to operate at high levels consistently in the Spirit. Remember, non-accountable relationships mean that we develop a life in God without applying truth to ourselves. We can never be in control of our own accountability without being soft on our own immaturity and carnality.

5 Ways to Grow in MATURITY as a Prophetic Person

- Jeremiah Johnston Facebook post

1. Seek constant feedback from the prophecies you give and have a hunger for personal input from leaders.

2. Develop a solid track record with regard to accuracy, humility, and teachability.

3. Earn the privilege to prophesy in public meetings by your Christlikeness.

4. Be sensitive to any form of personal manipulation and control in the words you release. Test the spirit of your own prophecy. Apply the tests to your own word before you release it.

5. The outcome of your prophetic ministry in a body of believers is not to be seen as a threat or liability but as an asset and tremendous blessing from the hand of the Lord.

5 Ways to Stay in IMMATURITY as a Prophetic Person

- Jeremiah Johnston Facebook post

  1. Immature prophetic people view input from leaders as unbelief, disregarding the Lord, or raising your hand against the Lord's anointed.

2. Immature prophetic people use their gifts for their own promotion and tend to be super spiritual people who act like they have an exclusive relationship with God which somehow renders them outside of correction or challenge.

3. Immature prophetic people are prone to outbursts of anger, and often have little remorse for their actions. They have a victim mentality when challenged and justify their poor behavior rather than address it and be transformed.

4. Immature prophetic people use their gifts for their own personal gain including influence and financial increase. They always have an agenda and need their filter purified.

5. Immature prophetic people rarely build relationships of real worth and value. They minister on their own rather than in the godly confines of a team of people dedicated to a common purpose.