Guide for Your Personal Prayer Time

Worship > Listening Prayer > Journal What God Spoke > Pray What God Spoke > Closing Prayer

1. Worship

Start out your personal prayer time with worship as a way to help settle you down and begin entering into the presence of God. This could be 5 or more minutes, and can be a time of thanking and praising God, reading a Psalm, or just by playing/singing a few worship songs with a phone, tablet, or computer.

2. Listening Prayer

  1. Make time to quiet your heart and listen to what God may be speaking. This is just listening to what the Holy Spirit may be emphasizing for this prayer session.

3. Journaling What You Heard in Listening Prayer

During the listening prayer you may have gotten impressions, a picture, a verse, a sense, or anything else related to what you might focus on in your own prayers. We call these, "prophetic stirrings." These help guide your prayers.

4. Pray What God Spoke

This is a time of praying through those prophetic stirrings, while still continuing to be opened for further revelation which may refocus or redirect your prayers.

5. Closing Prayer

End with a closing prayer, where you thank God for what He did in and through your prayers, plead the blood of Jesus over yourself (pray for protection), and where you bless what was prayed for.