Discerning God's Voice

Discerning His Voice

by James Goll

God leads you. Evil punishes you.

God stills you. Evil rushes you.

God reassures you. Evil frightens you.

God enlightens you. Evil confuses you.

God encourages you. Evil discourages you.

God comforts you. Evil worries you.

God calms you. Evil agitates you.

God convicts you (of the truth). Evil condemns you.

Discerning the Difference Between Good and Evil

by James Goll

Good exalts God. Evil exalts a person.

Good stands the test of time. Evil rushes you to fast conclusions.

Good aligns with the Word of God. Evil “paints outside the lines.”

Good upholds purity. Evil allures you into perversity.

Good promotes solid doctrine. Evil promulgates twisted belief systems.

Good values community. Evil advocates isolationism.

Good values humility. Evil leads to elitism.