The Fruit of the Spirit

"For many years, I have observed people claiming to believe in Jesus but continuing to live in sync with the values of self and/or the world. ...The Bible’s beautiful alternative to the ways of life lived in sync with the “flesh” or with the world..., that Spirit-synced way of life, will be characterized by nine compelling characteristics that the Apostle Paul calls 'the fruit of the Spirit.' My prayer is that we will see that Spirit-produced fruit growing in us all—to God’s glory alone." - Pastor Greg Waybright (LAKE Avenue Church in Pasadena, CA)

“This... category of spiritual maturity relates to the attitudes that Christians must acquire and demonstrate. These attitudes emerge out of our character but are specifically displayed in daily life. The apostle Paul shared these attitudes with us and called them the fruit of the Spirit... Developing and living out attitudes is not something that just happens to us because we invite Christ into our lives. Rather, they are skills which must be practiced and mastered so that our lives express the same attitudes that Christ displayed when he lived on earth. Since these attitudes are developed as skills, it is possible for us to become better and better at displaying them. As we do this we are demonstrating spiritual maturity in another arena of our lives.” - Excerpt From: Davis, Freddy. “Spiritual Maturity Handbook.”