Why Meditate on God's Word?

Here is a List of 7 Reasons Why We Meditate

by Kirk Bennet

  1. Command – God commands the repetition of His words and acts because they reveal more of who He is, and this is the desperate need of the church today – the knowledge of God.
  2. Enjoyment – Meditation is a way of pressing in to the joy of His presence. It truly creates a happy heart!
  3. Wisdom – Meditation brings us revelation of God’s thought and His ways. While His ways are higher than our ways, meditation on His ways causes us to move in wisdom.
  4. Encounter the Fear of the Lord – The gaining of the fear of the Lord is the sure way to prepare for encounter with God. When we meditate on scripture, we can then begin to tremble at His word. When we tremble at His Word we can come to the knowledge of God.
  5. Transformation – Because of its sin nature, the human heart has no power to change or be changed. Only the Maker can change the heart. Meditation is a means of encountering the One who changes us, our hearts.
  6. Increased Revelation – Meditation puts us in a place to gain from those who have gone before us, and it will take us beyond them – further into unending knowledge of God.
  7. Rest – Possessing a quiet confidence in the midst a storm is possible in God. When days of difficulties cloud our lives, what do we draw on? Meditation is a means, both before the “storms” break out and amidst the fury, to find the place of peace.