Biblical Themes

a Thematic DBS Set

For collection of Bible verses centered around a particular theme, go to Scripture Memory Sets

  1. For each Biblical theme, after reading through the thematically-related set of verses the first time, come up with key questions for which to reflect and seek answers. Write these questions down as goals to gain greater insights, as a group.
  2. Now re-read these verses a second and/or third time to formulate what God is revealing about people and God. For example, for the theme, "God Values Children," you might ask: What are the model qualities that children demonstrate, according to Jesus? How does heaven feel about children being limited, held back, or mistreated? Does this match our cultural views on children? How are we to treat children in the light of this Kingdom perspective?
  3. Discuss your findings to these questions, drawing conclusions and making inferences, from the given passages.
  4. Finally, start the Discovery Bible Study with the official DBS questions, to allow God to speak more on this theme.