"We must understand the entry of sin into the creation. This involves not only the fact of the entry, but the very nature of sin itself and how it has affected every aspect of the created order." - Freddy Davis


  • Disobedience - Adam and Eve were far from being equal to God. Yet He lovingly placed them in charge of all He had created in Eden. He gave them the freedom to make decisions and govern the earth with one rule: not to eat fruit from a specific tree. One day, God;s enemy, a fallen angel named Satan, wanted to overthrow God so he took the form of a serpent and lied to Adam and Eve. He deceived them into thinking God was n Good and did not have their best interest in mind. As a result, they knowingly disobeyed God. In rebellion, Adam and Eve ate the fruit, deciding that they, not God, would determine right and wrong.
  • Consequence - The consequences of their actions were devastating! Like a virus, sin entered into all of creation and into the hearts of Adam and Eve. Sin, suffering, and pain were passed down from generation to generation; all of creation was distorted from its original design. We have all read and heard the stories of war, poverty, disease, greed, and scandals that plague our world today. Those are all a result of sin. (Romans 3:10 & Romans 3:19)
  • Need - When we think about the perfection and love that existed at the beginning of creation, we realize "we are far more flawed and far more sinful than we can dare imagine." Just think of the grudges we held, the lies we've told, the thoughts we'd never dare say aloud. An honest glance into our hearts reveals the truth: We are all guilty. Everyone has sinned and the ultimate consequence, even worse than physical death, is eternal separation from a loving God, in terrible misery and unhappiness.Because of all of this, we need to consider the questions: Can anything be done? Is there any hope?

Implications of The Fall

quotes below are drawn from the book, Gospel Fluency by Jeff Vanderstelt

  • [Adam and Eve] didn't believe. They didn't trust God's word and work. The problem was unbelief. The action was sin. The result was death.
  • As a result of their rebellion, sin entered the world and brought about death and destruction.
  • Adam and Eve rebelled against God by looking elsewhere for identity, purpose, and truth. They looked away from the giver and sustainer of life to the one who is committed to taking and destroying life instead. This lead to a spiritual death, or broken relationship with God. They turned to submitting to and believing in God to trusting in and submitting to Satan.
  • The second death was relational in nature. Before their rebellion, Adam and Eve were perfectly united, naked, and unashamed in each other's presence. However, after they sinned, they turned on each other and blamed each other. They were looking for someone to pay for what they had done.
  • When we sin, we feel shame, and then we look to blame someone. Someone has to pay.
  • This leads to the third kind of death, physical death... Sin produces death. Enemies kill one another... Eventually everyone dies.
  • And this physical death doesn't just affect humanity. All of creation is affected as humanity's sin wreak's havoc on our world. We see the physical effects of sin producing death and destruction everywhere on the planet as we continue to kill it with our selfishness and greed.
  • The wages of sin is death - spiritual, relational, and physical.
  • Sinful rebellion produces brokenness, suffering, and death. This is because rebellion against God is rebellion against the giver of life. And this rebellion begins and continues to go on because of unbelief in the truthfulness of God's word and the sufficiency of his work.