What is a Disciple?

"...what is a disciple? In short, a disciple is a student. A disciple is one who disciplines himself in the teachings and practices of another. The word disciple, like discipline, comes from the Latin word discipulus, meaning “pupil” or “learner.” Consequently, to learn is to discipline oneself. For example, if one is to advance in the arts or the sciences or athletics, one has to discipline himself and to learn and follow the principles and fundamentals of the best teachers in that area of study. So it was and is with the disciples of Christ. A disciple follows Jesus." - Rev. Anthony Carter

"A disciple is a follower, one who trusts and believes in a teacher and follows that teacher’s words and example. Therefore, to be a disciple is to be in a relationship. It is having an intimate, instructive, and imitative relationship with the teacher. Consequently, being a disciple of Jesus Christ is being in relationship with Jesus—it is seeking to be like Jesus." - Rev. Anthony Carter

"The disciples of Jesus were with Him day and night for three years. They listened to His sermons and memorized His teachings. They saw Him live the life He taught. Then after His ascension, the disciples entrusted the word of Christ to others and encouraged them to adopt His life-style and obey His teaching. A disciple is a student who memorizes the words, actions, and lifestyle of his teacher in preparation to teach others." - Keith Phillip

"Throughout His ministry, Jesus made it clear to His listeners that being His disciples was not simply about receiving an education or even adhering to a set of ethical principles or stipulations. To be a disciple of Jesus meant to recognize Him for who He really was—the incarnate Son of God, the long-awaited Messiah—and therefore to reorient one’s life so that it conformed to the standards of His heavenly kingdom." - Greg Gilbert

"Discipleship is about bringing all areas of our lives under the Lordship of Jesus by the power of the Spirit through the good news." - Seth McBee

A disciple of Jesus Christ is someone who is in the "process of becoming like Jesus Christ in his/her affections, thoughts, and behavior." - Logan Gentry

“The Distinguishing mark of Christian discipleship is a transformed heart, transformed affections. When someone becomes a true disciple, Christ radically changes the person’s appetite.” - Eric Geiger, Michael Kelley, & Philip Nation

“The supreme proof of true conversion is holy affections, zeal for holy things, longings after God, longings after holiness, desires for purity.” - Jonathan Edwards

"Being a Christian is trusting Christ. Being a Christian is listening to Christ. Being a Christian is learning from Christ. Being a Christian is obeying Christ. Consequently, being a Christian is being a disciple. It was that way in the beginning. It continues to be that way today." - Rev. Anthony Carter

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