What is Scripture Meditation?

  • "A planned repetition of a Scripture verse(s) or phrase(s) by which a person's spirit is deepening in God. This act of discipline is intentional, walked out by faith, and moving towards a fresh encounter with Christ." - Kirk Bennett
  • "Meditating on the Word of God is contemplating, fixing our eyes (and necessarily our attention) on, considering it very carefully, thoughtfully, and thoroughly, and uttering it in the mind over and over again." - Jack Wellman
  • "Deep thinking on the truths and spiritual realities revealed in Scripture for the purposes of understanding, application, and prayer." - Don Whitney
  • "Meditating on the Word of God day and night means to speak to yourself the Word of God day and night and to speak to yourself about it." - John Piper
  • "For the Christian, meditation means having 'the word of Christ dwell in you richly' (Colossians 3:16). It is not, like secular meditation, 'doing nothing and being tuned in to your own mind at the same time,' but it is feeding our minds on the words of God and digesting them slowly, savoring the texture, enjoying the juices, cherishing the flavor of such rich fare. Meditation that is truly Christian is guided by the gospel, shaped by the Scriptures, reliant upon the Holy Spirit, and exercised in faith." - David Mathis
  • "In meditation, we pause and reflect over his words. We roll them over in our minds and let them ignite our hearts — we 'warm ourselves at the fires of meditation.' We pose questions and seek answers. We go deep in God’s revelation, take it into our very souls, and as we are being changed by his truth, we respond to him in prayer." - David Mathis
  • "According to our culture, meditation is the relaxation of the mind to the point where little or no thought occurs. But according to scripture, meditation is the increased focus of the mind with much deep thought occurring. The goal of secular meditation is to empty the mind, the goal of godly meditation is to fill the mind with God’s truth. To put it in a succinct definition, godly meditation is the practice of filling the mind with God’s Word for the purpose of applying God’s Word." - Stephen Altrogge

Components of Mediation

  • Set aside time to meditate - It will only happen if it's a priority. Give up something to make time.
  • Create a quiet environment - Make sure you are in a place where it's quiet and has no distractions. You may need to put away your phone and anything else that will likely pull your attention away from meditating on Scripture.
  • Choose a verse(s) or phrase(s) from Scripture to meditate on - Choose a verse/phrase that you are wanting to go deeper in understanding.
  • Use the RWSSP (recipe) as a structure to meditate on that verse or phrase

Videos on Meditating on God's Word

The Christian discipline of Bible meditation is the most important, underrated, and misunderstood of all the ways of receiving God’s Word.

Whether we feel confident or intimidated by Bible reading, every one of us depends on God’s Holy Spirit to lead, guide, and illumine our Bible reading.

Having a simple plan for time alone with Jesus is key. I first pray/bless my quiet time with God, I then read a Bible verse or phrase, I move to meditation (linger over what I read), and then I polish off my quiet time with prayer (I respond back to Him, from what He just spoke to me).