How Words of Knowledge Come

How Do Words of Knowledge Come?

Words of knowledge come through impressions in our mind's eye. They usually come in six different ways that are the most common:

  • We See It - We get a picture.
  • We Read It - We read it like a banner at the top of the newspaper and it'll float across our horizon.
  • We Know It - We just know what's wrong with a person.
  • We Feel It - We feel sensitivity in our body. We feel pain in a specific area of our body and we know that it is not ours.
  • We Speak It - It doesn't come through our mind but just comes through our mouth. We speak it in faith - it just flows. We come to an understanding as we speak it, not so much before.
  • We Hear It - God can speak to us details, whether we hear an inner audible voice or a voice outside of us, or we just end up with a phrase in our lips as if it had been spoken to us.

And know that God can give any combination of these pathways of revelation to confirm, verify, and increase the faith with which we speak it forth.

Words of knowledge help people who are having problems believing that God wants to heal them, to respond in faith - to increase their faith.

"If you are not aware of God's presence, then you are not aware of God's power (present in the moment)." - John Wimber

Free Word of Knowledge eBook:

Words of knowledge gets us to a target, so that we can partner with God, pray and speak God's words of life to change a person's situation - to bring healing and wholeness to that person.

Ways to Grow with Words of Knowledge:

  1. Ask better questions - instead of "Do you have pain in _______ right now?", ask, "Have you ever had a problem in that knee?". Instead of, "Do you have pain near your heart?" ask, "Is there anyone close to you that has pain in this area?"
  2. Missing words of knowledge are just as important as the accurate words of knowledge, in helping you tell the difference - You are going to learn and grow even in your mistakes. One way to see being off the mark is to get a sense of what it feels like to get an off the mark word. Then when you are accurate, you can compare the difference.
  3. Have fun by practicing everywhere - You grow through practice so the more you can do the better.
  4. Encourage people, whether or not, the word of knowledge is right on the mark or off - When you are off, admit you are practicing hearing God. But still let the person know that God loves them and has a great plan for their life.