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"What God did in the creative process as well as why He did it." - Freddy Davis


  • God - The story begins with God, who has always been. He has always existed exactly as He is now. It seems confusing, it's because He's beyond what anyone can fully comprehend. (Genesis 1;1 & Psalms 90:2)
  • Creation - In the beginning, God spoke and everything came into existence. By His command the entire universe was created and filled with a dramatic display of galaxies, stars, and planets—including Earth, on which was a perfect garden of paradise called Eden. Of all the beauty He created, the masterpiece was a man and a woman. God made Adam and Eve in His image to reflect Him. They were created with the grand purpose of worshiping Him by loving Him, serving Him, and enjoying relationship with Him.
  • Harmony - By God's design, all of creation was in harmony and was exactly the way it was suppose to be. During this time there was no pain, suffering, sickness, or death. There was complete love, acceptance, and intimacy between God and man, between Adam and Eve, and throughout creation. But something tragic happened...

Implications of Creation

quotes below are drawn from the book, Gospel Fluency by Jeff Vanderstelt

  • In the beginning God created by His word. He created the heavens and the earth out of nothing. He spoke and it all came into being.
  • God's word is powerful and true. His work is very good.
  • Why is that so important? Well, if everything came into existence through the Word of God, and if everything that comes into existence through God's word is good, then God's word and work are to be completely trusted and depended upon. We have our very existence through his word and work. Therefore, our identity, purpose and truth are all to be founw in God's word and work...
  • The question of "Who am I?" and "Why am I here?" are not meant to be answered outside of what God says and what God does.
  • God called the man to look to Him, not creation and not His own work, for his identity. He called the man to look to Him for purpose and truth. Eating of that tree [the forbidden tree, the tree of the knowledge of good and evil - Gen. 2:16-17] would be essentially turning to another source for identity, purpose, and truth.
  • God called the man to trust Him and obey Him. "Believe who I say you are. Trust in what I've done to make you who you are. And, as a result do what I command."
  • They were called to submit to God, rule over the earth on behalf of God, and fill it with more image bearers who would do the same.