The Full Scope of the Christian Faith

"God always had a plan to reconcile all of creation."

CreationFallRescue (Redemption)New Creation (Restoration)

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The Full Scope of the Christian Faith

...the consistent [research] findings that they have reported over the years is that relatively few Christians have a clear understanding of the full range of their faith...

One of the main reasons this situation exists is that few Christians make the effort to systematically understand the content of their faith. Most get their knowledge piecemeal by sitting in Sunday school classes and listening to sermons. It is not that the information from these sources is bad (most of the time), but rather that it is not systematic. Participants will get small amounts of information about one subject one week, another subject another week and so on. Over time, they may get a great deal of information, but have to depend on their own untrained minds to string the miscellaneous pieces together. Without understanding the big picture first, most people end up with much misunderstanding of their faith.

Thus, one of the essential things that Christians need to grasp is the full scope of their faith – from start to finish. There is a context that our faith fits into, and we must know this context if the details are to make any sense for our lives. The full scope of the Christian faith encompasses the following areas... 1) Creation, 2) The Fall, 3) Rescue (Redemption), 4) New Creation (Restoration).

Excerpt From: Davis, Freddy. “Spiritual Maturity Handbook.”