a devotional prayer

The Descriptions of Jesus in Revelation

drawn from Mike Bickle's Website & Prayers to Strengthen Your Inner Man (PDF Book)

The book of Revelation contains over thirty different descriptions of Jesus (Rev. 1-3). I, Mike Bickle, use the acronym A-R-K to pray through these descriptions of Jesus.

A-R-K is a prayer guide to help you focus on bringing these three interactions with your heart towards Jesus, according to these thirty descriptions of Him.


A ➪ Agreement

We agree with who Jesus is in a specific way. We express our agreement by simply declaring to Jesus—with affection and gratitude—truths about who He is. By speaking out our agreement with His personhood, we gain inspiration and insights that equip us to know Him more. For example, when Jesus says that He is the faithful witness (Rev. 1:5), there is a power that touches your heart in the presence of God when you look at Jesus and declare with agreement,

“You are the Faithful Witness; You are the First Born from the dead. You are the Ruler of the kings of the earth. I agree with You; I declare it in Your presence.”


R ➪ Revelation

We ask for revelation of Jesus according to each of the thirty descriptions based on Paul’s prayer that “the Father may give to us the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Him” (Eph. 1:17). Ask the Spirit to give you more insight into specific aspects of who He is. We will say,

“Lord show me Yourself as the One who is the Faithful Witness. Tell me about Yourself. Reveal more of who You are to me.”


K ➪ Keep the Prophecy

We keep the prophecy or promise by responding in a very specific way, in faith and obedience, to the truth that He reveals in each one of those descriptions. We respond to these specific truths by committing ourselves. We respond by saying, “I commit myself to obey You and believe You in these ways.” We respond by committing ourselves to obedience in very specific ways, and part of this K, this keeping of the prophecy, is that we ask for help. For example, when we say, “You are a faithful witness,” we declare it with agreement, and then we say, “Lord, reveal Yourself to me in this way.” Then we say,

“Lord, I commit by the power of the Holy Spirit to be faithful and stand for the truth regardless of what it costs me. Help me, Holy Spirit.”