Spiritual Inventory Survey

followed by a Gospel Presentation of your choice

Gospel Presentations

This Spiritual Inventory Survey is not an actual Gospel presentation but it is a tool to get people thinking about what they believe and what they understand about Jesus. This survey asks questions that many or most, if not all people you might use it with, have never considered. They have beliefs, Yes. But these are actually a smorgasbord of ideas, collections of beliefs they amassed over time, often based on likes and on "It sounds good to me."

The questions in this survey force people to start the process of analyzing their own beliefs, which can lead to seeing that their own ideas may not match reality, or are a coherent set of thoughts. These realizations help prepare people to take time to listen and think about the truth, God's truth.

This survey is often used with college students. It is often paired with a testimony and/or a Gospel presentation, such as the 4 Spiritual Laws or 3 Circles, to introduce people to the Gospel message.

PDF: Spiritual Inventory Survey (English - 3 in one)

PDF: Spiritual Inventory Survey (English - Survey & 21 Day Challenge)

WEBSITE: The Great Exchange - The Great Exchange is an equipping ministry whose goal is to come alongside existing churches and ministries with tools to share the gospel in their spheres of influence. We do this by partnering with the church or ministry to hold Great Exchange events on their campuses and in their communities. At our events, we politely ask people if they would like to participate in spiritual interest surveys. If they say yes, we merely listen politely to their answers. At the end of the survey, we ask if they would like to know how they can know God personally. Because we have listened politely, more often than not they are happy to hear what we have to say. It is an open door to share the gospel and offer an opportunity to make a personal decision to follow Jesus.

YOUTUBE: The Great Exchange Video Collection