9 Questions to Help You Start Making Disciples

Article by Josh Daffer


If you’re a Christian who genuinely wants to makes disciples and follow the Great Commission Jesus gave us, here are nine practical questions that can get you going back in the right direction:

1. How can I increase my own passion for Jesus?

2. How can I depend more on God and allow His Spirit to live through me?

3. Have I discovered my specific purpose in the Kingdom and am I leaning into it?

4. Who can I bless this week and how can I specifically bless them?

5. Who can I bring to church with me this Sunday?

6. Who can I invite to join a small group with me?

7. Who are three people in my life that I can intentionally disciple in the faith?

8. How can I intentionally invest in the next generation (teenagers and children)?

9. What can I sacrifice for the sake of the Gospel?