3 Circles DBS (Advanced)

I recently came up with this new idea of using the headings for each part of the 3 Circles evangelistic tool as questions for another variation of Discovery Bible Study. I believe this is a powerful way to study the Bible and has unique contributions to our own understanding of Bible truths (see below: Why a 3 Circles DBS?). Since then, I have used this method with a few people and refined it to be most applicable to a plethora of Bible passages and story situations.

This 3 Circles DBS works with all the Bible passages and stories that work for the regular DBS. It also works great for studies on the life of characters in the Bible, to analyze them from this unique perspective.

Recommendation: Use the 3 Circles DBS only after using the regular DBS format for a while. You will find that after that, those who transition to this new method will know exactly what to do with questions #7-#9, because these are the exact same questions for the 5 Question DBS.

Raimer Rojas

3 Circles DBS Diagram

Why Do a 3 Circles DBS

  • The 3 Circles DBS is great for going deeper in a Bible study as it asks other unique questions that bring about new understandings.
  • It helps people who already know the 3 Circles Gospel Presentation to begin analyzing Bible stories and passages from the 3 Circles perspective.
  • It further solidifies the 3 Circles Gospel tool in the brains of those who use this method.
  • This method helps people who use this method to get practice on the skill of analyzing real life situations in order to come to a deeper understanding of where people they encounter may find themselves spiritually. This is not just about what part of the 3 Circles someone may presently find themselves in, but more specifically they will be able to more accurately pinpoint things like: What is the sin that has lead this person into brokenness? What is the state of their brokenness? What is the mindset in their brokenness? What are their attempts to escape or break free of their brokenness? And so on...
  • Because the 3 Circles evangelistic tool is a big picture of what happens before accepting Christ and after accepting Christ, then the 3 Circles DBS helps Christians to see Biblical examples of:
    • how people come to repent and believe
    • the changes people begin making when they make Jesus Lord and Savior of their lives
    • the restoration and transformation that happens to people in Biblical stories
    • the abundant life God has for His people as they pursue God's Design for their lives.

When Is a Good Time to do a 3 Circles DBS?

When the Bible study attendees/members have gotten a solid grasp of the original DBS method. This includes having it done many times before, retaining the DBS method for life, and can teach it to others. Finally, another requirement is that those ready, have mastery of the 3 Circles Gospel presentation. This knowledge is needed to easily flow in the structure of this method as it employs the parts found in it. Only then do I recommend enhancing what they know already know (DBS), with this next level approach (3 Circles DBS).