Character Study DBS

Use these Bible Character DBS Questions with this DBS Set

Character Study DBS Questions

  1. STATE OF AFFAIRS - What is the moral, emotional, spiritual, political and/or economic state of the people or nation in which this character finds himself/herself living?
  2. PROBLEM - What is the overwhelming problem being encountered by this person and/or his/her people?
  3. CHALLENGES - What are the feelings/emotions, frustrations, obstacles and/or challenges that this Bible character is experiencing?
  4. REVELATION - How does God reveal Himself and/or His will to this Bible character? Is this revelation in answer to prayer?
  5. CHOICES - What caused or led this character to choose a certain path, or to change direction/approach? Is there a new posture that this Bible character takes on to best align with God? If so, what is it? If not, what rebellious path is taken? What should the godly path have been, in your eyes?
  6. ME - What is God speaking to me through this Bible character?
  7. OBEY - How will I obey what God is speaking to me through this character?